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It started with two teachers and a dream.

Eleanor's Bookshop is more than a children's bookstore. It is a symbol of the importance of literacy in our community. Children will come for a book, stay for story time, and leave with an excitement for reading. Young adults can explore the shelves of books that were curated just for them. Parents, grandparents, caretakers, teachers, family members, and friends can pick out a book for their loved one with the help of our knowledgeable staff.


At Eleanor's Bookshop, you'll be able to find books with characters that look like you. Books about celebration, but also books about sadness and how to handle it. Books written in the languages that you speak. Books you read as a kid and books you've never seen before. Eleanor's was designed with everyone in mind.


And it all started with two teachers and a dream...

We’ve ordered 100 awesome titles...just

Founders Kelsey Kindbom McAfee and Matthew McAfee met while teaching at Edison Middle School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Matt and Kels love to travel together, and after getting married in 2017, they had a serious decision to make. Should they move out-of-state to one of the bustling

cities that they loved to visit, or should they stay in Tulsa - a growing community with great possibilities?


Choosing to invest in Tulsa, the McAfees are passionate about sharing their dedication to literacy and love for reading with their community.

Happy reading!  ​

Meet our founders! Matt and Kelsey McAfe

Matthew and Kelsey McAfee, Founders

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